Altoona, IA – The Best Location for Technology Businesses

Altoona, IA Tech Hub

When the time comes to build a new tech facility (like a data center) or expand the square footage of your current operations, finding the right location is one of the first things you’ll need to do. It’s also one of the most important.

Altoona, Iowa is a superior choice of city, offering a range of advantages that make it a magnetic destination for tech companies of all sizes. Let’s explore the factors that make Altoona a booming tech hub and dive into why it could be the ideal place for your tech business to set up shop.


Altoona’s real estate market is a treasure trove for tech companies. The city boasts a diverse range of commercial properties, from cutting-edge office spaces to state-of-the-art industrial facilities suitable for larger operations like data centers. These properties are not just available; they are also competitively priced, making relocating to Iowa all the more lucrative for startups and industry titans alike.

Another standout feature that sets Altoona apart is its land availability. With more than 1,600 acres of development-ready land, Altoona provides the room and support needed for tech industry expansion. Whether you’re planning to build a data center, research facility, or manufacturing plant, Altoona has the space and properties to accommodate your growth aspirations.


Altoona’s strategic location just off Interstate 80, one of the nation’s major east-west transportation routes, offers a significant advantage for tech companies. This prime positioning facilitates the seamless transportation of goods and services and ensures easy access to a broad customer base. Being a mere 10 minutes away from Des Moines – the Hawkeye state’s capital city – also opens up a world of networking and business opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. Whether you need to connect with suppliers, clients, or partners, Altoona’s location simplifies the process.


The success of any company hinges on its workforce—tech is no different.

Altoona, as part of the Greater Des Moines metro area, offers employers access to a pool of highly skilled and educated workers. The Southeast Polk Community School District is known for its excellent STEM education program, helping students develop the skills they need to become successful tech professionals. This talent pipeline is further developed by local universities and colleges such as Iowa State University, Drake University, and the Des Moines Area Community College, to name a few.


Tech giants like Meta have already recognized Altoona’s potential. The city is home to Meta’s soon-to-be largest cloud campus, which will span an impressive 5 million square feet by 2025, showcasing the confidence that major tech companies have in our community. This track record of attracting industry leaders validates Altoona’s status as a prime destination for tech innovation. And it comes as no surprise when you consider the things technology businesses look for when building a data center or another type of high-tech facility.

In addition to its thriving commercial real estate market, strategic location, and skilled workforce—Altoona is safe. Unlike Silicon Valley or tech-dense parts of the Pacific Northwest, the region isn’t prone to the most destructive types of natural disasters that could threaten data centers (like fires or earthquakes), a necessity when you’re working with sensitive equipment and data.

Another factor that makes Altoona a suitable location is its clean energy access. Large tech facilities like data centers require massive amounts of power to function, so it’s incredibly important to ensure it comes from sustainable sources. Iowa’s extensive wind turbine infrastructure helps greatly with this. In 2022, 62% of Iowa’s electricity was generated by wind turbines, the highest wind power share of any U.S. state.

Furthermore, Altoona offers connectivity with multiple high-speed network providers, helping promote competitive pricing and giving tech businesses the flexibility to choose who they want to partner with. Click here to view a list of ISPs within the City of Altoona.


Altoona isn’t just a great location; it’s a thriving tech community. The city fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation, bringing like-minded individuals and businesses together for shared success. As your tech business considers relocating to Iowa, keep in mind that there are several organizations and programs you can take advantage of to make the process more efficient.

One such organization is BioConnect Iowa. BioConnect Iowa helps businesses in Iowa’s tech sectors like advanced manufacturing and information technology by offering them resources, guidance, and networking to turn their ideas into successful commercial ventures. Take their HighTech Connect Iowa program, for example, which connects Iowa’s research-driven high-tech startups to relevant public and private resources. This program covers three stages of business development: from ideation to proof of concept, from proof of concept to minimum viable product, and from minimum viable product to scaling.

Other local organizations to get in contact with include the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce, the Iowa Economic Development Authority, and the City of Altoona’s Economic and Community Development Departments. Click here to read more about them and how they can help you relocate your business to Altoona, Iowa.


In conclusion, Altoona, Iowa is a magnet for tech companies seeking growth and success—and rightfully so. The local real estate market, strategic location, transportation connectivity, access to a talented workforce, and proven track record as a sustainable tech business environment make it an ideal destination for long-term success. Our tech sector is on a steady rise, and there’s no better time to join the movement.


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