Altoona’s Data Centers

On the Iowan frontier springs forth a new metropolis of innovation. Cutting-edge companies like Facebook and Lightedge are choosing Altoona to build their data centers, and together with them we’re building a better tomorrow.

The new construction both drives innovation, and enriches the economy. The construction of a single data center puts 1,688 local professionals to work. They will earn $77.7 million in wages, and the project even drums up $9.9 million in revenue for state and local governments.

And the wealth generation doesn’t stop there: in the following years, that same data center supports 157 local jobs, pays $7.8 million in wages, grants the government $1.1 million in revenue, and injects $32.5 million into the local economy annually.

As more and more companies take advantage of the tech-savvy builders laying down the fibers of the future, Iowa’s rising star shines brighter every day.