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Des Moines Considered a Silicon Prairie for Tech Industry

Business Facilities Magazine wants to know – will the center of gravity for high-tech development shift from the coasts to the middle of the country?

The below article, recently published by Business Facilities Magazine, points out that the Midwest has become a prime destination for entrepreneurs who are putting down roots for new tech startups. The article cites cost of living and cost of doing business as reasons why some tech startups have chosen locations in the Midwest. Not surprisingly (well, at least to us Midwesterners) another reason cited in the article was Midwest values – a friendly and supportive environment to grow your business. Continue reading…

Building Renderings show planned development at Altoona's Prairie Crossing. Residential Construction Altoona Altoona Population Growth

Families & Developers Choose Altoona for Growth

With Altoona leading the movement, the Des Moines metropolitan area is growing at an unprecedented rate: nearly twice that of the national average. Altoona has already experienced an 8% population increase since 2010, and is continuing to rise. By 2019, the city’s population is expected to reach more than 17,000—a 17% increase since 2010. Continue reading…