Nature next door: This Altoona neighborhood is home to a brand-new park

spring creek ridge burget park

Residents of an Altoona neighborhood are saying ‘hello’ to a new next-door neighbor: an expansive, beautiful park.

Spring Creek Ridge is a single-family subdivision located at the heart of Altoona. A growing community of about 19,000 residents just minutes east of downtown Des Moines, Altoona offers a high quality-of-life with amenities for every lifestyle—from an indoor-outdoor shopping center and a casino/hotel/racetrack to a famous amusement park and an incredible trail system.

And soon, residents of Spring Creek Ridge have a new amenity within walking distance of their homes: Burget Park.

Named after longtime Altoona mayor Timothy Burget, the park consists of 76 acres of open space with two large ponds and will feature 2.5 miles of trails. It’s the perfect place for a future lunchtime walk, a Sunday picnic, or a weekend of watersports like kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boating and fishing. When completed, the park will also feature an events center for outdoor concerts, community festivals and more.

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