With a proven track record for close coordination between business and the community, Altoona partners with organizations like the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Iowa Economic Development Authority to drive the region’s growth. Below are some of the resources available for businesses looking to expand or relocate.

City of Altoona
The City of Altoona’s Community Development Department is working across the board to coordinate healthy expansion. It’s an effective collaboration between the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment and the general public. Through the cooperation of developers and residents, the Department is planning and executing our city’s growth, while preserving the beautiful environment where we live.

Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce
The Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce is developing our community while maintaining our flourishing business and tourist environment. A non-profit membership organization, the Chamber represents the professional community of the Altoona area. They strive to benefit its members, the Altoona people and visitors to the area.

Greater Des Moines Partnership
The Greater Des Moines Partnership is collaborating with businesses to relocate or expand their operations. Together with the City of Altoona, the Partnership utilizes specialized industry research and partnerships—coordinating with local, state and national entities—to provide comprehensive assistance in site selection.

Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)
The IEDA’s goal is to support development in Iowa, and in doing so, strengthen economic and community vitality. By administering state and federal programs, they’re building partnerships and leveraging resources. IEDA is establishing Iowa and Altoona as the right choice for people and businesses.

Iowa Innovation Corporation
The Iowa Innovation Corporation is attracting businesses with big ideas. As Iowa’s designated innovation intermediary, the Corporation’s committed to working with the business-led Iowa Innovation Council. Together, they’re fostering the state’s innovation-based economy.