As Iowa’s newest rising star, Altoona is the place to grow your business—a place you can call home. Our leaders are forward-thinking, always looking towards the region’s long-term growth. With an unbeatable location and strong infrastructure, Altoona is the ideal place to pursue any venture. We’re at the crossroads of the nation, and our ambition has us reaching greater heights.

We’re a place to play, with families enjoying attractions like Adventureland Amusement Park and Bass Pro Shops. Thrilling destinations like Prairie Meadows Racetrack, Casino and Hotel make Altoona an entertainment epicenter for all ages.

Altoona is home. Beautiful neighborhoods and brilliant facilities, expansive parks and an outstanding school system: Altoona is the perfect place to raise a family.

Our economy is thriving, alive with progress. We’re growing, we’re developing and we’re ready for the next big thing. It’s happening right now in the City of Altoona.

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    While maintaining the small-town feel we love, Altoona provides residents with big-city amenities. Through smart planning and strong leadership, we’ve built a foundation for growth.

    Yet Altoona is more than a hotbed for business and entertainment. It’s a place to live, a place for families to thrive. Residents enjoy a high quality-of-life through many benefits, including:

    Education that Inspires
    Our students are preparing for what’s next. The outstanding Southeast Polk School District has students working with the best technology under the best instruction. Education is paramount in Altoona, where the Altoona Public Library provides a children’s area, computer room, reading zone and other learning opportunities.

    Facilities that Motivate
    Our residents are on the move, with indoor and outdoor facilities encouraging their active lifestyle. An aquatic center, 20 miles of bike trails and 200 acres of recreational space are just the beginning of our well-kept amenities. Families enjoy playing in our state-of-the-art facilities, where youth sports programs provide fun ways to stay fit.

    Attractions that Delight
    Altoona draws people from around the country to our entertainment attractions, including Adventureland Amusement Park, Prairie Meadows Racetrack, Casino and Hotel and Bass Pro Shops. We’re also close to exciting destinations with world-class fun, such as the Iowa Speedway and State Fair Grounds. Plus, with a 10-minute drive to the outstanding dining and nightlife of downtown Des Moines, Altoona is both an unbeatable destination and a comfortable home.

    Housing that Feels like Home
    We have housing to fit your lifestyle. With affordable rentals, single-family homes and space for executive housing, you’ll feel right at home. Put down roots and discover all that life in Altoona has to offer.

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    Altoona enjoys a high quality-of-life and rich business opportunities. With strong infrastructure, an unbeatable location and leaders that listen, businesses and families of all sizes are joining the movement. Now is the time for commercial enterprise. Now is the time for Altoona.

    Let’s Break Ground
    Altoona has 900 acres of development-ready land, and room to grow. With prime opportunities to annex territory to the east, Altoona is an adaptable, expandable community.

    The Best for your Business
    In Altoona, your business will benefit from low property taxes, competitive incentives and access to the region’s multi-talented, growing workforce.

    Leaders that Listen
    Altoona’s leadership is committed to growth. Together, we’ll find creative solutions that foster development: for your business and for the greater community. Highly accessible, willing to listen—we’re here. Now, let’s get to work.

    At America’s Crossroads
    We’re at the crossroads of the nation, literally. With two major interstates—I-80 and I-35 (via I-235)—along with easy access to an international airport and rail system, we’re ready to get you moving.

    A No-Hassle Commute
    Enjoy a quick drive to downtown Des Moines, an epicenter for business, entertainment and more. Plus, Altoona’s eastern location puts the rush-hour sun at your back when commuting downtown.

    A Strong Foundation
    Altoona boasts powerful, progressive infrastructure. Strategically planned and readily available, the system includes high-powered transmission lines and access to an extensive water supply. Your business will stay running with existing fiber optics, access to power and renewable energy sources.

    A Place to Play
    Altoona is an entertainment mecca. Families can enjoy shopping and attractions at Adventureland Amusement Park and Bass Pro Shops, while Prairie Meadows Racetrack, Casino and Hotel provides high-speed fun. We’re also a short drive from world-class destinations, including the Iowa Speedway and State Fair Grounds. As a hub of activity, Altoona draws potential clients and employees, making our city the ideal place to play, work and grow.

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    #6 Midsize Metro where College Grads Move for Jobs – AIER, 2015
    #1 Metro with the Most Community Pride – Gallup, 2015
    #3 Top Ten Places with the Most Job Opportunities per Capita – Beyond.com, 2014 (Based on Q2 of 2014)
    #1 Metro for Economic Strength – Policom Corporation, 2014
    #2 America’s Top 5 Under-the-Radar Tech Hubs – SpareFoot, 2014
    #4 Top Ten Places with the Most Job Opportunities per Capita – Beyond.com, 2014 (Based on Q4 of 2013)
    #1 Best Medium-Sized Metro Area for Homeownership – Nerdwallet, 2014
    #15 America’s Most Productive Metros – The Atlantic Cities, 2013
    #1 “Best Places for Business and Careers” – Forbes, 2013
    #2 “Strongest Local Economy” – Policom, 2013
    #10 “Most Educated Young Workforce.” – The Business Journals, 2012
    #1 “Richest Metro in the Nation” – US News & World Report, 2011

    Iowa Accolades & Awards

    #4 Best Run State – USA Today, 2014
    #5 “Best US States for Young Adults” – MoneyRates, 2013
    #12 “Best States for Business” – Forbes, 2013
    #9 “Best State for Business” – CNBC, 2011
    #3 “Best Cities for Business” – MarketWatch, 2011
    #7 “Best Cities for the Next Decade” – Kiplinger, 2010

    Des Moines Accolades & Awards
    #3 Top City for New College Grads – SmartAsset, 2015
    Emerging Startup Cities of 2015 – Investopedia, 2015
    #2 Best City for Jobs in 2015 – Forbes, 2015
    #1 Best Up-and-Coming City for Foodies – Women’s Health Magazine, 2014
    #1 Best City for Young Professionals – Forbes, 2014
    #2 Best Farmers’ Market in America – The Daily Meal, 2014
    #2 Best City for Business and Careers – Forbes, 2014
    #1 City with an Up-and-Coming Downtown – Fortune, 2014
    #4 America’s Most LGBT-Friendly Cities – Huffington Post, 2014
    Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market recognized as “Top 10 Farmers’ Markets in the U.S” – Shape Magazine, 2014
    #6 Best Cities for Raising a Family – Forbes, 2014
    #5 Best Cities for Jobs – Zip Recruiter, 2014
    #6 Top Mid-Size Cities of 2014 – Energy Star, 2014
    #1 Wealthiest City in America – TODAY show, 2014
    “Three Best Cities to Start a Business” – Forbes, 2013
    #3 “Top 15 U.S. Cities’ Emerging Downtowns” – Forbes, 2013
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    #6 “Cities Where Startups Are Thriving” – CNN Money, 2012
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    #4 “Best Places for Business and Careers” – Forbes, 2012
    #2 ” Best Cities for Jobs this Summer.” – Forbes, 2012
    #2 for “Best Cities for Jobs.” – Forbes, 2012
    Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market recognized as “One of America’s Best.” – Country Living, 2012
    #1 “Best Cities for Young Professionals” – Forbes, 2011
    #1 “Cities in the US for Home Renters” – Time, 2011