Advantages of Doing Business at a Transportation Network

What is the best location for your transportation and logistics business?

Obviously, there are many factors to consider, from the local workforce and property taxes to the locations of your manufacturers and end-users. But the most important factor of all is the location’s proximity to a transportation network. This is why many companies are choosing to relocate their business to Altoona, Iowa. 

Located just east of Des Moines, Altoona is at the epicenter of the nation’s transportation network. Two major interstates (I-80 and 65) converge on the region, as well as several of the nation’s freight railroads. The Des Moines International Airport is just a 15-minute drive away. 

While the Central Iowa region has a rich history as a transportation hub, Altoona has several unique advantages, making it the best location for transportation and logistics businesses. Meanwhile, factors like available land and a skilled local workforce are strong incentives for expanding your manufacturing operation into Iowa. 

Right at the Intersection of I-80 and I-65

Several communities are located near these major highways, but the roads intersect in Altoona. Visit Altoona today, and you’ll see that manufacturing/transportation and logistics businesses are popping up along these major highways. That allows their trucks to leave the facility and immediately hit the road, which means you can ship goods faster and save money on fuel.

Today, I-80 is the primary east-west travel and freight corridor in Iowa. It’s also one of the most traveled highways in the United States. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, approximately 20,000 to 35,000 vehicles travel on I-80 every day. Heavy truck/freight traffic accounts for up to 30 percent. 

Multiple Modes of Transportation

For many businesses, highways are the primary transportation channel used to move goods. However, Altoona offers access to multiple modes of transportation. 

Several major railways intersect in the Altoona region, and the Des Moines International Airport is just a few miles away. That means your business has options, so you can choose the appropriate channel based on speed, cost and the nature of your goods. 

It’s always good to have options. As COVID-19 has reminded us, having access to multiple transportation modes can be critical during a crisis, when one mode may become congested or disrupted.

Central Location

In addition to its outstanding transportation network, Altoona is located smack dab in the middle of the nation. That means your business is within a day’s drive of every major Midwest market and much of the United States. Wherever you customers are, you can reach them.

Near a Major City (But Not in One!)

Being near a major city has its perks. There’s the strong local workforce, the many manufacturing businesses in the area, and the excellent transportation network. But you may not want to be in the city, where land is more expensive, property taxes are typically higher, and traffic tends to get congested. 

That’s another key advantage of Altoona. It’s close to Des Moines (about a 10-minute drive) but not in Des Moines.

Altoona is located on the eastern side of Polk County, where the communities have a long history of manufacturing, transportation and logistics. Here, there is land available at reasonable prices and convenient access to the region’s transportation network. Plus, there are all the perks we mentioned of the Des Moines region (workforce, etc.) 

As a business in Altoona, you get all the advantages of a major city without any of the drawbacks.

A Strong Local Economy

Today, the Altoona region is experiencing healthy economic growth. Since 2000, the population has increased by approximately 85%. The population continues to grow even faster than Polk County and the State of Iowa, due to Altoona’s high quality of life and abundant employment opportunities. 

As the Altoona population grows, a variety of businesses are investing in the region. Last year alone, the City of Altoona issued 147 commercial permits, valued at $219M—a record high. Those permits represented more than 1.7 million SF of new development. Altoona’s growing economic scene is attracting businesses in a variety of sectors, including transportation & logistics, advanced manufacturing, data, residential, retail, entertainment and more. Take a look at the region’s economic indicators here.  

Local Leaders Committed to Economic Development

For many businesses, the most important factor when selecting a location is the leadership. Are local leaders friendly to new businesses? Are they organized? Do they have a plan for the future?

In Altoona, our local leaders work closely with our residents and business community. Together, we design pro-business policies, while ensuring that we preserve the unique character of our community. 

Our vision is pretty simple. We want our community to continue to be a great place to do business, live and visit. Every day, we balance the needs of our community’s families and industires to bring that vision to life.

Join the Movement

Altoona, Iowa offers many advantages: from its unbeatable access to the region’s transportation network, to its strong local workforce and business-friendly leadership. But it’s the way these factors all come together, in one community, that makes Altoona the best location for your transportation and logistics business. 

Looking to relocate your business to Altoona, Iowa? Contact us here. There are currently hundreds of acres of available land, strategically located at the heart of Central Iowa’s transportation network. We can also discuss the incentives for expanding your manufacturing operation into Iowa. 

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