Altoona Arts, Online Survey

Enabling Garden Altoona

The City of Altoona is exploring ways to stimulate community engagement through public art and cultural programming. Consultants have been engaged to work with the community to form a vision and plan for cultivating engaging and memorable spaces to work and play in Altoona.

“Public art and cultural programming will generate a new form of development for our community,” says in-coming Mayor Dean O’Connor, “As a community that continues to evolve, art and culture can honor local history, build community connections, capitalize on existing assets like our trail system, and create new community anchors.”

A vision and plan to make art and culture an everyday part of life in the community will be built based on discussion and involvement from the community. In order to develop an arts plan that builds on local culture and community interests, we invite citizens to participate in an online survey to communicate what you find unique about Altoona and what additional attractions and programming the City should invest in.

Please take the survey linked here to help us imagine the arts in Altoona.