Cutting-Edge Theater Complex is ‘Take-One’ in Entertainment Development Plan

Iowa’s entertainment epicenter is adding a luxury 10-screen movie theater with cutting-edge technology and attractive design. Set to thrill audiences and draw more exciting development, it bursts onto the Altoona entertainment scene in fall 2015.

Cinemark Holdings is building the Altoona theater as a next-level movie experience, complete with enhanced surround sound, jumbo screens and luxurious touches like electric-powered reclining chairs. The complex will house 10 auditoriums, five of which will be equipped with immersive 3D capability.

Altoona’s leadership has been working closely with Cinemark to coordinate the details of the project, which is one act of a larger development plan. Other projects include a hub of restaurants, shopping and entertainment, prompting major developers to make plans for their next big move in Altoona’s residential and commercial growth.

With its powerful infrastructure, prime location and reputation as Iowa’s entertainment mecca, Altoona is the perfect site for a state-of-the-art entertainment experience. Like our city, the new movie complex is an exciting destination with regional magnetism and next-level thinking. It’s the latest, high-tech way to experience Altoona happening now.