When COVID hit, this new Altoona business sprang into action to support the community.

fully promoted altoona

Rick and Stephanie Troncin were still catching their breath after opening their new business—Fully Promoted Altoona—when the pandemic hit, forcing many of their customers to temporarily shut down and pumping the brakes on their fledgling franchise.

And yet, despite facing their own challenges, the Troncins sprang into action to support the Altoona community.

The couple knew that the pandemic was particularly hard on people who were already in need, so they teamed up with charitable organizations in the area, including Caring Hands and Kids Café, to raise funds. They put together an online shop, sold yard signs and t-shirts, encouraged businesses to become sponsors, and donated proceeds.

The Troncins, who are raising their children in Altoona, saw that the pandemic was creating a lot of stress for schools and students—especially high school seniors, who didn’t get the celebration they deserved. To help, the couple worked with the Southeast Polk Community School District to create an online store, where students and their families could purchase graduation gear. Proceeds from the store were given back to the schools.

Why were the Troncins so eager to help their community, even as they were struggling with the effects of the pandemic on their business? Rick, who grew up in Altoona, says that helping others is simply part of the community’s culture.

“It just seems like, when there’s a cause, this town rallies together and works together. It’s a tight-knit community.

“That’s also good for local businesses because it means we get customers who are deeply loyal. Folks here don’t go out of town for shopping—they really want to shop local. They support their community.”

Although COVID-19 initially slowed sales at Fully Promoted Altoona, Rick and Stephanie say that the community has since rallied to support them. Now, the business is growing, with two full-time team members and a new part-time employee. Beyond their business, the couple is focused on raising their children while staying active in their church and the Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce (which recently celebrated its 50th year).

What’s next for the Troncins? While they don’t have any concrete plans to expand Fully Promoted just yet, Rick and Stephanie say that the business is continuing to grow and reach new markets.

“We’re excited to see where the future takes us.”

About Fully Promoted Altoona

Fully Promoted Altoona specializes in creating a wide variety of branded gear, including professional attire, uniforms, drinkware, pens and a wide variety of apparel. They work with numerous industries—from nonprofits and medical practices to school districts and construction companies—and organizations of all sizes.

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