Why Altoona is the Perfect Location for Your Office Space

Searching for new office space in the Des Moines area? Looking for affordable, conveniently located business real-estate? Furiously Googling ‘office for rent near me’?

Take a closer look at Altoona, Iowa.

Strategically located 15 minutes east of downtown Des Moines, along Interstate 80, Altoona is a fast-growing community. Today, a good portion of the region’s workforce lives in or around Altoona, and a majority of the region lives within a 20-minute drive. In fact, since 2010, the city’s population has grown by an incredible 32%.

That close proximity to the workforce—combined with other factors, like its unique transportation accessibility, business-friendly leadership, vibrant entertainment scene, and lower cost of doing business (when compared to downtown Des Moines)—is why more and more companies are searching for office space and buildings for sale in the Altoona area, and the local business real-estate market is booming. 

If you’re expanding your business opportunity in Iowa, Altoona should be at the top of your list.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of renting office space in Altoona…

The Pandemic Changed Workers’ Expectations. Altoona Helps You Meet Them. 

While the pandemic changed many aspects of our relationship to work—where we work, how we communicate, what we define as ‘the workspace’—there’s one thing it didn’t change: The office is still the best place to get work done.

There’s no substitute for a dedicated space where you can focus with minimal distractions, collaborate with your team and get some much-needed socialization. Most importantly, you can actually leave that work behind at the end of the day, drawing a line between work and life. 

At the same time, working remotely has its perks. Even as vaccinations become ubiquitous and workers return to the office—in some form—they’re going to want the same benefits they had when working at home, especially minimal commuting and flexible scheduling. With that in mind, many employers are opening offices closer to their employees’ homes. In the Des Moines metro, that could mean opening an office in Altoona, where your suburban employees can enjoy a shorter commute and more flexibility, while still enjoying the perks of an office.

A Convenient Location for Workers and Clients.

Wherever you’re coming from, Altoona is conveniently accessible. Right off the highway, minutes from Des Moines, a short drive from the airport—there are numerous ways for anyone in the Des Moines region (and beyond) to easily get to and from Altoona. Even if your employees and clients don’t live in Altoona, as many of them likely do, they won’t have any trouble accessing your office space. 

Altoona’s Entertainment District is among the Best in Iowa.

Altoona is Iowa’s favorite entertainment destination—with major attractions like Adventureland, Prairie Meadows and Outlets of Des Moines. For you, your employees and your clients, that means there’s a whole world of restaurants, event spaces and entertainment hotspots right down the street.

Planning a holiday party? Rent a beautiful space at Prairie Meadows.

Hosting clients from out of town? There are plenty of top-notch hotels right down the street.

Taking your employees out to lunch? Head to Fireside Grille, Burger Shed, Nomi’s, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse or any of the other world-class dining options in the area. 

With a reputation as the number-one entertainment destination in the state, Altoona has everything you need to entertain your employees and clients. 

A Lower Cost of Doing Business. 

The term ‘business-friendly’ gets thrown around quite a bit. In Altoona, it’s pretty simple: The cost of doing business here is lower, which means you can get the space you need at a price you can afford. Our local leaders protect the policies that give local businesses an advantage, and Altoona business owners are taking notice.

“The community of Altoona is definitely pro-growth,” said Brad Pfaltzgraff, Chief Operating Officer of Legacy Bank, which is celebrating their 117th year in the business. “I think we’re on the cusp of taking that growth to the next level. And yet, as Altoona continues to grow, it still feels like a small town at heart. 

“For all businesses that are looking for a new home, Altoona is a great opportunity and a fantastic place to be.”

For Katie Princehouse, Senior Director of Marketing and Enrollment at Balance Autism, a regional nonprofit organization, Altoona’s accessible location is a major benefit.

“Altoona is conveniently located right off of I-80, making a commute from anywhere in the metro very accessible,” she said. “With our headquarters located in Altoona, it has provided the opportunity to work with people commuting from other areas of central Iowa whom I would not otherwise know.”

“This is where we’ve been able to grow our business and have the most success,” said Doug Dan Adel, Senior Vice President of Graham Group. “We have quite a bit of space across Polk County already. As the area’s continued to grow, we believe that growth is moving to the north and to the east.”

Recap: Why Should You Rent Office Space in Altoona? 

If you’re looking for office space in the Des Moines area, Altoona, a growing community on the east side, might be your best bet. Why? Because…

  • Much of the region’s workforce lives in the Altoona area, and our population has grown significantly over the last decade. 
  • Lower cost of doing business (compared to downtown Des Moines).
  • Easier commutes for your employees. 
  • A strong local economy and a thriving business community.
  • With access to Interstate 80 and a close proximity to Des Moines, Altoona is easily accessible.
  • Plenty of places to entertain clients & employees and host meetings/events.

Learn more about doing business in Altoona!