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Business Opportunities in Altoona, Iowa

If you’re seeking out an expanding business opportunity in Iowa, you’ll want to look into the prosperous city of Altoona. Why? Well, as a leader in Iowa economic development—and with a booming local economy and business-friendly climate—Altoona is a hotbed for growth.

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Good Medicine: How UnityPoint Health Helps Altoona’s Residents & Economy Thrive

When we think of infrastructure, we often picture roads and bridges, electrical wires and pipes—the physical “backbone” of a community.

But there is another kind of infrastructure, one that consists not of concrete and wire, but hospitals, outpatient centers, and the many services they provide.

This ‘wellness infrastructure’, while less visible than a bridge or an electrical station, is no less important. The variety, quality and accessibility of local medical services impacts a community in myriad ways, from the personal to the far-reaching, shaping the long-term wellness of residents and visitors as well as the viability of the local economy.

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Altoona’s Data Centers

On the Iowan frontier springs forth a new metropolis of innovation. Cutting-edge companies like Facebook and Lightedge are choosing Altoona to build their data centers, and together with them we’re building a better tomorrow. Continue reading…

Driving Business Forward

Major logistics and advanced manufacturing companies are driving forward without ever looking back. It’s happening right now in the City of Altoona. #AltoonaNow

Winds of Change

Established infrastructure. Local clean power. Development-ready land. They’re just a few reasons cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious businesses are embracing Iowa’s Rising Star. #AltoonaNow

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