Good Medicine: How UnityPoint Health Helps Altoona’s Residents & Economy Thrive

When we think of infrastructure, we often picture roads and bridges, electrical wires and pipes—the physical “backbone” of a community.

But there is another kind of infrastructure, one that consists not of concrete and wire, but hospitals, outpatient centers, and the many services they provide.

This ‘wellness infrastructure’, while less visible than a bridge or an electrical station, is no less important. The variety, quality and accessibility of local medical services impacts a community in myriad ways, from the personal to the far-reaching, shaping the long-term wellness of residents and visitors as well as the viability of the local economy.

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It’s more than the pipes and wires. MidAmerican Energy is building strong, sustainable communities.

It often takes a power outage to get us thinking about the energy we use every day. (Electricity suddenly became very interesting following the 2020 derecho.)

But ever since MidAmerican Energy launched their Altoona-based Service Center in 2019—a facility that supports the power MidAmerican delivers to communities throughout the Central Iowa region—energy has been on our minds.

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A local baseball coach & business owner swings for the fences

Luke Peterson is always telling his little leaguers to keep their eye on the ball. He should know. While he worked as a ‘captive’ agent in the insurance business for twelve years—meaning that he worked for a single provider—he always had his sights set on going independent.

In 2019, Luke took a swing, founding his own independent company, Luke Peterson Insurance, in Altoona.

As his business and the community around him continue to grow, it seems that he’s hit a home run.

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Haverkamp Properties Doubles Down on Altoona

“We want to create homes that people love in communities where they love to live.”

In a sign of changing times and the ‘new normal’, the permit for The Emory – a new residential development by Haverkamp Properties – was approved during a recent, rather unconventional Altoona City Council meeting.

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The Graham Group chooses Altoona for latest industrial warehouse development

“This is where the workforce is. This is where the market’s going.”

Graham Group chooses Altoona for their latest industrial warehouse development.

Since 2013, Graham Group has developed more than 3 million square-feet of industrial warehouse space in the Des Moines metro. For their latest project – a massive 75-acre development with two x 270,000 square-foot warehouses (540,000 square-feet total) – they chose Altoona.

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