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Altoona site will be Meta’s largest data center in the world by 2025, company announces

Meta’s Altoona data center will become the company’s largest in the world by 2025, the company formerly known as Facebook announced.

More than 400 people work on-site at the data center, and more than 1,000 construction workers have been on-site during its build-out. The wind-powered data center reflects a $2.5 billion investment. 

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Executive Employment Opportunity: City Administrator, Altoona, Iowa

Altoona is part of the Des Moines Iowa Metro area with a city population over 20,000 and over 4 million visitors annually. The visitor rate is driven by our robust entertainment and attraction venues such as Adventureland Entertainment Park, Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, Bass Pro Shops and Outlets of Des Moines shopping mall. 

The City Administrator is responsible for the daily administration and coordination of all city affairs and supervises seven department heads. Altoona employs 121 full-time employees with 32 part-time staff members.

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Good Medicine: How UnityPoint Health Helps Altoona’s Residents & Economy Thrive

When we think of infrastructure, we often picture roads and bridges, electrical wires and pipes—the physical “backbone” of a community.

But there is another kind of infrastructure, one that consists not of concrete and wire, but hospitals, outpatient centers, and the many services they provide.

This ‘wellness infrastructure’, while less visible than a bridge or an electrical station, is no less important. The variety, quality and accessibility of local medical services impacts a community in myriad ways, from the personal to the far-reaching, shaping the long-term wellness of residents and visitors as well as the viability of the local economy.

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