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Good Medicine: How UnityPoint Health Helps Altoona’s Residents & Economy Thrive

When we think of infrastructure, we often picture roads and bridges, electrical wires and pipes—the physical “backbone” of a community.

But there is another kind of infrastructure, one that consists not of concrete and wire, but hospitals, outpatient centers, and the many services they provide.

This ‘wellness infrastructure’, while less visible than a bridge or an electrical station, is no less important. The variety, quality and accessibility of local medical services impacts a community in myriad ways, from the personal to the far-reaching, shaping the long-term wellness of residents and visitors as well as the viability of the local economy.

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What to consider when choosing where to live

Anyone who has relocated to a new city or state knows that finding the right place to live is complicated—logistically and emotionally. And as you weigh the many factors that influence your decision – from affordability and safety to schools, amenities and culture – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

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alex payne

Meet the Altoona resident who literally wrote the book(s) on his hometown

Even as a third grader at Altoona’s Willowbrook Elementary, Alex Payne was intrigued by the history of Altoona, particularly when his class visited historic sites like Back Door Fabrics in Olde Town. For a kid, these dusty places contained a kind of magic—it was like the people and events of the past were echoing through the walls, their stories begging to be told.

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Live the Good Life at These 2 New Altoona Properties

Located across the street from one another on Altoona’s 34th Ave SW, The Emory and Vintage Cooperative could hardly be closer.

At the same time, they couldn’t be more different: One property is geared towards residents ages 55 and up. The other is designed for people of all ages (and their furry friends, too).

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